How Do You Install a Pellet Stove?

One of the most economical solutions to your heating needs is a pellet stove. It is convenient to use. It can be as big or as compact as you want it to be. And the savings that you will have upon using one is just too good to resist. It is like getting special discounts on products because of the amount of money that you will save when you use a pellet stove.

Here are the steps on how to install a pellet stove:

Prepare all your materials

You should get all your materials and prepare them before going through the succeeding steps. It would be easier and faster. Some of the products that you need to set are the fireproof pad, the pellet stove, wooden pellets, reciprocating saw, insulation, vent pipe, tracing pen, electric drill, and silicone caulk.

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Set up the location where the wood pellet stove will be installed

You have to set the following up in preparation for the installation of your pellet stove: the area where the pellet stove will be situated, the wall nearest to the stove, and the hole where the vent pipe will go through.

First, you should place the fireproof pad on your stove location. This is to serve as your buffer and protection between the pellet stove and the flooring. Observe clearances between the wall and the pellet stove. Check your manual for actual measurements.

Then, temporarily place the vent pipe to know the actual area where you need to put a hole on the wall. Use a tracing pen to put the size and shape of the pipe going through the wall.

Use the reciprocating saw to cut through the hole. Be sure that the pipe fits through the hole. In addition, you will need to put insulation as your buffer between the wall and your pipe.

Have the pipe perfectly installed on the outer wall. Use the drill to attach the pipe to the outer wall.

Install the vent pipe again to the pellet stove. Plug the pellet stove to the socket and put in some wood pellets. See if the stove functions as designed.