Pelletizing vs. Briquetting: What You Need to Know

When you are looking for a fuel source to feed the stove, you have two options. Either you get the pack of pellets or the container full of briquettes. They are both useful in terms of creating heat for the home. And they are also relatively cheap compared to other fuel sources. You can even save money on them if you shop online and use promo codes upon purchase.

But what is the real difference between the two? Which one should you choose to use in your home?

Heat Pellets Burn Wood


As the name implies, the product is shaped into a pellet. To do this, the biomass that is used is compressed into its current shape. Companies who produce pellets use machines to mold the material into pellets and certain chemicals to retain its form.

You can actually use different kinds of biomass to create your pellets. It depends on the variety that is near your area. Some use animal compound feeds. Others use ores. The most common kinds of pellet are those that are made of wood.

For the home, the usual feed is the wood pellet. In agricultural areas where animals are predominant, they use biomass that came from animals. Types are considered pellets as we are discussing here.

The process of pelletizing starts with the use of a mold that shapes the biomass. Rollers are used to compress the materials into the holes. Some companies use powder to maintain the form of the pellet. Cutters are used to take the pellet out of the die.

Briquette Black Coal


Briquettes are longer and more sizable compared to pellets. More pressure is also used to compress the materials into its shape. The briquetting process is more efficient than the pelletizing process because the material need not be grounded and hammered. Dies are also used to give the briquettes its form.

The machine used in the briquetting process is called a mechanical briquetting press. This can be an expensive product to purchase if you are just starting out with your business. Shop online and look for the best deals to capture special discounts on these products.